DESKRIPSI pelatihan effective leader pasti jalan

Materi pelatihan leadership terbaru

Module One – Your Role as a Leader
* Course overview – design, structure, content, expectations
* Characteristics of effective leaders
* Leadership and management functions – distinctions and overlap
* The three roles of leadership: vision, alignment and deployment
* How to create a vision and establish a strategy-driven organization
* Building organizational alignment to a vision
* Resource deployment as the key strategic leverage point
* Key concepts of personal organization – setting priorities
* Key concepts of self-management – first things first
* Habit 1: Proactive Leader

Module Two – Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence
* Principles of emotional intelligence
* The six leadership styles and their relationship to Emotional Intelligence
* Self-assessment of your primary leadership style
* Building style flex – using different styles based on the circumstances
* Integrating your understandings to expand your emotional intelligence
* Habit 2: Begin The End in The Mind

Module Three– Leading for High Individual Performance
* Concepts of performance management
* Setting expectations-developing purpose statements
* Defining and developing core responsibilities
* Developing measures for core responsibilities
* Coaching and counseling-similarities, differences and implementation
* Performance evaluations-their purpose and how to do them
* The relationship of performance evaluations to compensation
* Habit 3: First Thing First

Module Four – The Leadership Process – Vision Through Deployment
* Creating an organizational vision
* Expanding a vision into a strategic plan
* Building alignment to that vision and strategic plan
* Determining key resource deployment strategies
* The discipline of execution
* Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Module Five – Developing High Performance Teams
* Definition of teams vs. work groups
* Benefits and liabilities of teams – when to use them
* Team models and team behaviors – task and process
* Team decision-making models – generating synergy
* Giving and receiving feedback regarding team behavior
* Functional, process and project teams
* The challenges of creating high performance cross-functional teams
* Groupthink – what it is and how to avoid it
* Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To be Understood

Module Six – Leading Complex Projects
* The principles of successful internal and external complex projects
* Defining a the project vision, goals and deliverables
* Developing the integrated project execution strategy
* Chartering the project team and establishing the project organization
* Building a Level Two integrated project plan
* The client engagement plan
* Keys to project execution
* Theory of Constraints for breakthrough cost and schedule reductions
* Habit 6; Synergize

Module Seven – Guiding Large Scale Organizational Change
* Defining your company’s desired sustainable breakthrough result
* An organizational model to guide the change process
* Analyzing your organization as a system – resistors to change
* Defining the leverage points
* Applying the change methodology using the natural leverage points
* Changing the core – process, personnel, tools and structure
* Organizational structural design
* Measurement systems
* Dealing with organizational resistance
* Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw

PESERTA pelatihan kepemimpinan pasti jalan

Supervisor, Manager, general manager ,Direktur, dan siapapun yang ingin mengasah jiwa kepemimpinan yang efektif secara efisien.

Jadwal training 7 habits of effective leader murah

– 9 – 11 Februari 2021
– 30 Maret – 1 April 2021
– 2 – 4 Juni 2021
– 6 – 8 Juli 2021
– 4 – 6 Agustus 2021
– 31 Agustus – 2 September 2021
– 13 – 15 Oktober 2021
– 2 – 4 November 2021
– 30 November – 2 Desember 2021
– 21 – 23 Desember 2021

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