PROGRAM OBJECTIVES pelatihan konsep kepemimpinan pasti jalan

This program offers opportunity for senior-level managers to acquire expert insights, explore empowering concepts, and examine actionable strategies for building the kind of leadership to enable employees to deliver their optimum performance. This Advanced Leadership program also arms participants with the ideas, frameworks, and tools required to create a culture in which individuals feel compelled to innovate and contribute to a transforming work environment.

PROGRAM CONTENT pelatihan strategi memimpin terbaru

The topics covered will include:
* The vison
* The various leadership concepts
* The role of a true leader
* Competencies required of a true leader
* Becoming a strategic thinker
* Becoming a culture builder
* Matching strategy and culture
* Building and maintaining a motivated, collaborative and empowered organization
* How to remain grounded in the face of conflict, stress, or difficult circumstances
* Leading people in change
* Leading peope in crisis

LEARNING METHODOLOGY pelatihan leadership pasti jalan

A proper mix of lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussions, individual & group exercises and case studies.

RECOMMENDED PARTICIPANTS training advanced leadership murah

Senior Managers and those groomed for these positions.
Past participants include Department Managers, Division Managers, Regional Managers, Branch Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Area Managers, General Managers.

Jadwal training konsep kepemimpinan update

– 9 – 11 Februari 2021
– 30 Maret – 1 April 2021
– 2 – 4 Juni 2021
– 6 – 8 Juli 2021
– 4 – 6 Agustus 2021
– 31 Agustus – 2 September 2021
– 13 – 15 Oktober 2021
– 2 – 4 November 2021
– 30 November – 2 Desember 2021
– 21 – 23 Desember 2021

Pemateri/ Trainer training strategi memimpin Jogja

Pelatihan ini akan diberikan oleh Trainer dari kalangan Praktisi, Akademisi dan Konsultan berpengalaman di bidangnya masing-masing

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