BACKGROUND pelatihan applied ergonomic pasti jalan

In this workshop, we will explore engineering and management strategies that help you in reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Our overall goal is to create greater understanding of the importance of basic ergonomics principles and how to successfully design and implement an effective ergonomics program. This workshop is designed to include you as much as possible in the learning experience. The more you contribute, the more you will get out of this training, so please don’t hold back. . .

BENEFITS pelatihan concept ergonomic terbaru

The purpose of this workshop is to give you the basic knowledge and skills to identify, analyze, and apply control strategies to eliminate or reduce hazardous conditions and unsafe practices in the workplace.

OBJECTIVES pelatihan ergonomic risk factors pasti jalan

At the end of this presentation you will be better able to:
1. Describe the concept and purpose of ergonomics.
2. Identify personal, job, and environmental ergonomic risk factors.
3. Discuss the importance of proper workstation design.
4. Describe the steps in establishing an ergonomics program.
5. Identify “Health Considerations” that apply in the office environment
6. Evaluate the “Work Station”
7. Understand and consider computer monitor selection criteria
8. Implement of Ergonomic syndrome survey and task analysis
9. Implement of Manual Materials handling, Work station and location planning

* Manager K3/ staff K3
* Inspector LK3
* HSE Manager/ Engineer/ Supervisor
* Plant Manager
* Maintenance Manager/ Engineer
* Process facility manager/ Engineer
* Field manager/ engineer
* The other person who interested in

MATERIAL OUTLINE training applied ergonomic at workplace murah

Day 1:
1. HSE Ergonomic Acts and Regulation
2. Introduction and fundamental ergonomic
3. Manual materials handling
4. Risk control factors

Day 2:
1. Risk implementation technique for ergonomic problem solving
2. Ergonomic syndrome survey and task analysis
3. Work station and location planning
4. Ergonomic program

Day 3:
1. Field practices in Ergonomic syndrome survey and task analysis
2. Ergonomic syndrome survey and task analysis presentation
Jadwal Lainnya :
Compensation & Benefits Strategy (JAKARTA)

Day 4:
1. Field practices in Manual Materials handling, Work station and location planning
2. Manual Materials handling, Work station and location planning presentation

METHODS  training applied ergonomic update

The training is provided in the form of exposition, discussion, and case studies.

Jadwal  training concept ergonomic Jogja

– 9 – 11 Februari 2021
– 30 Maret – 1 April 2021
– 2 – 4 Juni 2021
– 6 – 8 Juli 2021
– 4 – 6 Agustus 2021
– 31 Agustus – 2 September 2021
– 13 – 15 Oktober 2021
– 2 – 4 November 2021
– 30 November – 2 Desember 2021
– 21 – 23 Desember 2021
Pemateri/ Trainer training ergonomic risk factors Bali

Pelatihan ini akan diberikan oleh Trainer dari kalangan Praktisi, Akademisi dan Konsultan berpengalaman di bidangnya masing-masing


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