DESKRIPSI pelatihan Flow of a Letter of Credit pasti jalan

Experienced in banking for over 32 years. Completing formal education
from the University of Pancasila, Jakarta in Economics Management and
began his career in banking since 1980 in Standard Chartered Bank,
Jakarta and several other banks al: OEB, UFJ Bank, Commonwealth and
Trading Company. The focus of work in the field of Banking Operations,
particularly to the field of Trade Finance.

Operational experience in Banking
Staff at the Export, Import, Loan Admin, Bank Guarantee, and
Remittance. Manager of Trade Finance Operations. Improvement Leader at
the team that assesses the performance of the system and Operation
Flow in Trade Finance, Bank Guarantee and Remittance.

Consultant at Trading Company
Attend seminars in the field of Trade Finance in and outside the
country, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Penang and Tokyo.

Updating regulations issued by the ICC (International Chamber of
Commerce) in the field of International Trade (UCP/ISBP, URR, URC,
ISP, Inco Terms, etc).

In the last 5 years as an instructor experienced in- house training,
followed by the Accounts Officer, Trade Sale, Trade Finance Staff,
Administration Staff and Internal Audit.

The Letter of Credit is an indispensable financing instrument used in
international trade transactions. Parties to the letter of credit
transaction have to abide by the rules governing its use. To many,
such rules are confusing.

Unfortunately, misinterpretation or misunderstanding of the terms may
result in financial losses. Efficient processing of letters of credit
documents is important in today’s business environment. Staff must be
familiar with the UCP rules governing letters of credit transactions,
the risks involved, rights and obligations of the various parties.

Knowing how to process the documents correctly for letter of credit
negotiation will help the company to save costs and minimize claims.

Objective pelatihan Types of Credit and Their Effects on Users terbaru

To provide sufficient working knowledge to participants to enable them
to minimize costs and delays in their business transactions.

Syllabus pelatihan Consignment pasti jalan

Methods training International Trade-Effective Handling and Processing of Letter of Credit murah

* Advance Payment
* Open Account
* Consignment
* Documentary Collection – D/A and D/P Terms
* Documentary Credit – Irrevocable Letter of Credi

Understanding Documentary Collections
* Difference Between Document Against Acceptance (D/A) and Document
Against Payment (D/P)
* Parties Involved Under Documentary Collections
* Guide to Processing and Documentary Flo

Essentials of a Letter of Credit
* The Parties Involved in a Documentary Credit
* Obligations and Roles of Banks
* UCP Guidelines and Letter of Credit Use

Flow of a Letter of Credit
* How to Issue a Documentary Credit
* Document Presentation Flow

Types of Credit and Their Effects on Users
* Irrevocable Credit
* Confirmed Irrevocable Credit
* Red Clause Credit
* Transferable Credit
* Back-to-Back Credit

Discrepant Documents and How to Handle

Cause of failure of payment and how to handle

Target Audience:
1. Trade Finance Operation
2. Account Officer/Trade Sales
3. Finance & Accounting
4. Internal Audit
5. Purchasing and Supply
6. Logistic Operations
7. Credit Management
8. Sales and Marketing
9. and those who are involved in trade documentation

Jadwal training Flow of a Letter of Credit update

– 9 – 11 Februari 2021
– 30 Maret – 1 April 2021
– 2 – 4 Juni 2021
– 6 – 8 Juli 2021
– 4 – 6 Agustus 2021
– 31 Agustus – 2 September 2021
– 13 – 15 Oktober 2021
– 2 – 4 November 2021
– 30 November – 2 Desember 2021
– 21 – 23 Desember 2021

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