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Material Handling Warehouse and Inventory
pengenalana Material Handling Warehouse and Inventory
pengendalian material
manajemen pergudangan

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This workshop sets out to :
1. Investigate and discuss the scope of materials management
2. Show why warehousing is important in the logistics system and as a
part of the supply chain management
3. Examine the primary function of warehousing and materials handling
4. Show how the basic concepts of inventory management and how they
are applied
5. Show how to improve inventory management
6. Show how cost performance can be improved by systems that reduce

Attending this workshop will enable you to:
1. Identify the elements related to space utilization develop
location for new warehouses using critical elements in the process
2. Describe the critical aspects of hse in materials management
3. Apply concept of inventory forecasting and methodology in the
4. Describe the total quality management application in materials

MATERI Training Material Handling (Warehouse and Inventory)

1. Introduction, Warehousing and Material Handling
* Introduction to Materials Management : Scope of Material
Management Activities, Warehousing and Storage, Inventory Planning
and Control, TQM in Materials Management, Administration and
Control of Materials Flow, HSE in Materials Management
* The Role of the Warehouse in the Logistics Chain, Warehouse
Performance Analysis, Receiving and Issuing, Storage Systems
* Case Study, Order Picking, Warehouse Layout, International
Warehousing Options
* Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Workforce Requirement

2. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
* Inventory Management : Basic Inventory Concept, Basic Inventory
Management, Symptoms of Poor Inventory Management
* Inventory Activity Profiling : Customer Segmentation, Lead Time &
Demand Variability Analysis, On Hand Inventory Profiles, Days On
Hand Analysis, Location and Commodity Profiling Analysis
* Financial Impact of Inventory : Financial Aspects of Inventory
Strategy, Inventory Carrying Costs, The Impact of Inventory Turn
Over on Inventory Carrying Costs, Inventory Carrying Cost Within
the Supply Chain
* Impact of an Inventory Reduction on Corporate Profit Performance

3. Material Handling
* Material Handling (1) : Basic Operations, Documentation, Proper
Techniques and Procedures Proper Handling Equipment
* Material Handling (2) : The Economic Impact and Importance of
Proper Procedures, Include Delivery Scheduling, Staging,
Expediting, Tracing and Obsolescence and Practices Rather Than The
* Wrap Up and Adjourned

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Pelatihan Online Bulan Januari : 10-11 Januari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Februari : 7-8 Februari 2023
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Pelatihan Online Bulan Agustus : 22-23 Agustus 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan September : 12-13 September 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Oktober : 10-11 Oktober 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan November : 7-8 November 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Desember : 5-6 Desember 2023

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