Petroleum Project Management
pengenalan Petroleum Project Management
manajemen proyek petroleum
prinsip Petroleum Project Management

PENDAHULUAN pelatihan pengenalan Petroleum Project Management pasti jalan

It provides an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the entire
project management life cycle, tools, techniques, knowledge areas and
processes required to ensure successful project execution. Petroleum
Project Management covers the principles and application of project
management to the upstream oil and gas business. Participants may
choose a case study from a number of real-life exploration,
production, facilities, and general management situations, or they may
bring the details of one of their own current projects. Because of
this experience with practical situations, participants can use these
project management principles their first day back on the job.

1. Gain the project management skills, tools and techniques to ensure
your project is executed on time and within budget
2. Understand the project management life cycle applicable to an oil
and gas project:
1. Project time
2. Project cost
3. Project monitoring
4. Project risk

WHO SHOULD ATTEND pelatihan manajemen proyek petroleum terbaru

This course is designed for project managers, project team members,
managers, and all those who would benefit from exposure to best
practices in project management in the oil industry.
* Project managers
* Project team members
* Project support functions / personnel
* Team leaders
* Discipline leads
* Operation managers

COURSE OUTLINE pelatihan prinsip Petroleum Project Management pasti jalan

1. The project management process
2. Scope definition
3. Initiating the project
4. Scheduling tools
5. Manpower resources
6. Project team management
7. Intergration Management
8. Learning, continuous improvement and quality management in
9. Project Scope Management
10. Project Time Management
11. Project Cost Management
12. Project Monitoring and Control
13. Project Risk Management
14. Project Quality Management
15. Project Communications Management
16. Project Procurement Management
17. Project HR Management
18. PMI Exam Preparation

TRAINING METHOD training Petroleum Project Management murah

Presentation Discussion Case Study Evaluation


Jadwal Training Online di Tahun 2023

Pelatihan Online Bulan Januari : 10-11 Januari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Februari : 7-8 Februari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Maret : 7-8 Maret 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan April : 18-19 April 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Mei : 16-17 Mei 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juni : 6-7 Juni 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juli : 11-12 Juli 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Agustus : 22-23 Agustus 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan September : 12-13 September 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Oktober : 10-11 Oktober 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan November : 7-8 November 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Desember : 5-6 Desember 2023

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