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Planning And Organizing Skills
pengenalan Planning And Organizing Skills
kemampuan mengorganisasi
planning skills

INTRODUCTION pelatihan pengenalan Planning And Organizing Skills pasti jalan

Planning a task is the process of looking ahead and forecasting the
future for any task. Only an effective plan can help us in organizing
an event or schedule. Organization skill is the ability to use your
time, energy and resources in an effective way so as to achieve the
required goal. This training course will guide you to develop planning
and organizing skills.

BENEFITS pelatihan kemampuan mengorganisasi terbaru

* Define planning
* Appreciate the importance of planning
* Plan effectively
* Improve your planning skills
* List the disadvantages of planning
* Define organizing
* Appreciate the importance of organizing
* Develop your organizing skills
* Identify the skills needed for organizing
* List the advantages of organizing

MATERI Training Planning And Organizing Skills

1. Understanding The Time Management Skills
* How good is your time management
* Getting started
* Overcoming Procrastination
* Clearing the clutter
* Understanding the causes for not managing time properly
* Why and how to manage time
* Importance and value of managing time

2. Objectives and Goals
* Objectives where do you want to be?
* Personal and Business Goals
* Prioritizing activities urgency and importance

3. Evaluate Current Usage of Time
* Keeping a time log
* Identifying your personal time wasters
* Dealing with interruptions

4. Organizing Work and Managing Meetings
* Daily/weekly planning
* Effective time management system
* Different meetings for different purposes
* Structure and Control

5. Mastery Over Time
* Their attitude and Time Management
* Goals Settings
* Analyzing, Planning and Scheduling
* Interruptions
* Meetings and Paperwork
* Procrastination
* Delegation and Time Teamwork
* Action Planning

6. Assertiveness Skills For Prioritizing Tasks
* Defining assertive, aggressive and submissive behavior
* The value of assertiveness in the workplace
* Verbal aspects of behavior and adopting assertive body language
* Developing your skills when giving and receiving feedback
* Saying ‘no’ to unreasonable/unrealistic demands
* Setting objectives and Agreeing deadlines with others
* Telling others what you want asking for things
* Expressing opinions effectively getting people to listen

7. Action Plan and Continuous Improvement
* Preparing a personal action plan to support your return to the

TRAINING METHOD pelatihan planning skills pasti jalan



Case Study



Jadwal Training Online di Tahun 2023

Pelatihan Online Bulan Januari : 10-11 Januari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Februari : 7-8 Februari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Maret : 7-8 Maret 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan April : 18-19 April 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Mei : 16-17 Mei 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juni : 6-7 Juni 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juli : 11-12 Juli 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Agustus : 22-23 Agustus 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan September : 12-13 September 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Oktober : 10-11 Oktober 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan November : 7-8 November 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Desember : 5-6 Desember 2023

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