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Presentation Skills : Designing Presentation Slides
pengenalan Designing Presentation Slides
presentation skills
communication skills

OVERVIEW pelatihan pengenalan Designing Presentation Slides pasti jalan

“Powerpoint slides are like children : no matter how ugly they are,
you’ll think they’re beautiful if they’re yours�. Due to this
cause or another, it’s a huge stress to look at most Powerpoint
slides. Depending on the “design� skills of the speaker and
audience’s taste slides create different emotions from a slight
annoyance to physical sickness. But that is not the worst thing. The
worst thing is that instead of improving the presentation such slides
confuse the audience, distract it and finally oblige the speaker to
explain them rather than being quite self-explanatory. The goal of
this course is to change that by equipping learners with a set of
tools to create simple, clear and aesthetic slides which improve the
presentation of the speaker. The course covers universal design
principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides’ typography, use of
photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and
meaningful charts and diagrams.

OUTLINE pelatihan presentation skills terbaru

1. Key Principles Of Design
* Introduction
* Too Much Text
* Too Much Decoration
* Priorities In Design
* Design Principles
* Principles In Action
* The Earth Without Art Is Just “Eh”
* Slides’ Purpose
* For The Most Curious
* Peer Review Fix A Slide
* Redesign

2. Templates and Colors Meaning
* Templates
* What’s Wrong With The Templates
* Background
* Page Decorations
* Colors Meaning
* Black ans White
* Colors : Yellow, Green and Blue
* Choosing A Typeface
* Traditional Vs Contemporary
* Warm Vs Cool
* Examples
* Peer Review Fix A Template
* Less Text More Context

3. Typography and Photographic Illustrations
* Typography
* Advice On Typography
* Typographical Composition
* Tables
* Typographic Illustration
* Using Icons and Photographs
* Pictograms
* Vector Art
* Photographs
* Redesign A Text Only Slide
* Add Icons To A Text Only Slide
* Illustrate A Proverb With A Photo
* Add A Photo To A Slide With Icons

4. Diagrams and Data Visualization
* Types Of Diagrams
* Hierarchy Diagrams
* Process Diagrams
* Relationships Diagrams
* Data Visualizations
* Column and Bar Charts
* Line Charts
* Pie Charts
* Closing Remarks
* Create A Diagram From A Text
* Convert Table To A Chart
* Redesign A Presentation

TRAINING METHOD pelatihan communication skills pasti jalan



Case Study



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Pelatihan Online Bulan Agustus : 22-23 Agustus 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan September : 12-13 September 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Oktober : 10-11 Oktober 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan November : 7-8 November 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Desember : 5-6 Desember 2023

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