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Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
pengenalan Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
sistem perawatan
penerapan Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

OBJECTIVE pelatihan pengenalan Preventive and Predictive Maintenance pasti jalan

Preventive and predictive maintenance is a maintenance system which
very reliable to prevent some sudden troubles or breakdown that may
happened on factory’s tools/equipment. The sudden troubles are very
potential things that caused a big loss in production process. The
effects of this problem are some failure to achieve production target,
the lack of personnel, unprepared spare parts, etc. Preventive and
predictive maintenance application system starts from standard
arranging, activity planning, realization supervising and as the
finish line is evaluating and analyzing the maintenance’s result

COURSE CONTENT pelatihan sistem perawatan terbaru

1. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Economics
* Past Sins
* Costs of Setup and Ongoing Costs
* True Breakdown Costs
* Case Study

2. Justifying (Selling) Preventive Maintenance and Predictive
Maintenance Expenditures
* Some Benefits of PPM
* Selling Preventive Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance
* Benefits of Preventive Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance

3. Basic Understanding of Preventive Maintenance
* What is Preventive Maintenance?
* Understanding What Preventive Maintenance is Supposed To
Accomplish and The Critical Event
* Appropriate Preventive Maintenance Strategy for The 3 Equipment
Life Cycles and 6 Failure Modes
* Maintenance Improvement Curve – How To Get The Most Bang for Your

4. CMMS Approaches to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
* Steps To Install A Preventive and Predictive Maintenance System
* Survey Instructions
* Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance Systems Increase

5. PM Details for Effectiveness
* Four Types of Task Lists
* PM Frequency and Its Effect On Breakdown

6. Task List Development
* Assemble The Right Data
* Look for The Most Dangerous, Most Expensive or Most Common Failure
* Choosing Tasks

7. TLC (Tighten, Lubricate and Clean)
* Cleaning
* Bolting
* Lubricating

8. Guidelines for Involvement with Predictive Techniques
* Questions To Ask Before PdM
* Oil Analysis
* Vibration Analysis
* Temperature Measurement
* Ultrasonic Inspection
* Advanced Visual Techniques
* Other Methods of Predictive Maintenance
* TLC-Tighten, Lubricate, Clean

9. Management of PM Activity
* Planning and Scheduling PM Activity
* Access To Equipment
* Interruptive Maintenance and Non-Interruptive Maintenance
* Metrics
* Outsourcing PM

10. Task List Analysis
* Complete Analysis of Task Lists (Line By Line)

11. Advanced Concepts: PM at The Next Level
* P-F Curve
* Statistical Analysis

12. Personnel Issues
* Staffing The PM Effort
* What Kind of Personality To Look for In A PM Inspector
* How To Insure That PMs Are Done As Designed

13. Developing a Unique Action Plan
* Review Material
* Prepare and Discuss Action Lists

14. Troubleshooting

PARTICIPANT pelatihan penerapan Preventive and Predictive Maintenance pasti jalan

This special course is designed for manager, supervisor, engineer,
planer, foreman, and technician, operations, engineering and
purchasing division.

TRAINING METHOD training Preventive and Predictive Maintenance murah



Case Study



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