Welding Metallurgy
pengenalan Welding Metallurgy
prinsip Welding Metallurgy

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This training will explore the metallurgical aspect of welding for
industrial materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel
alloys, titanium alloys, and copper alloys. The training will
emphasize the relationship between welding quality and metallurgical
transformation that occur during melting and solidification of metals.
Training participants will be directed to understand these phenomenon
and welding defects that arise from the transformation. Failure of
weld after welding or during weld repair will be discussed in relation
to the material microstructure. Welding philosophy of dissimilar
metals and cladded materials will also be introduced by refering to
the latest welding technology. At the end of the course, some real
case studies about weld failure will be presented, and participants
will also be introduced to the laboratory equipments for analysis.

1. Introduction
2. Physics of welding
3. Welding metallurgy :
a. Phase diagrams, phase transformation, and Preheat + Postheat
b. Weld Metal
c. Heat affected zone
d. Distortion and residual stress
e. Weld defects
4. Weld ability of metals
5. Welding metallurgy of :
a. Carbon steel
b. Stainless steel
c. Nickel alloys
d. Copper alloys
e. Titanium alloys
6. Welding of dissimilar metals and cladded material
7. Case study
8. Laboratory visit(optional)


Jadwal Training Online di Tahun 2023

Pelatihan Online Bulan Januari : 10-11 Januari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Februari : 7-8 Februari 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Maret : 7-8 Maret 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan April : 18-19 April 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Mei : 16-17 Mei 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juni : 6-7 Juni 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Juli : 11-12 Juli 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Agustus : 22-23 Agustus 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan September : 12-13 September 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Oktober : 10-11 Oktober 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan November : 7-8 November 2023
Pelatihan Online Bulan Desember : 5-6 Desember 2023

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